Seafarers Tax


As a client you have unlimited access to our experience and expertise. We explain in plain English to ensure you understand and we use straight talking so you know where you stand. We work on your behalf to ensure that everything possible is done to enable you to qualify for the 100% deduction claim.


You have access to an advisor 365 days a year by phone or e-mail. We can access to your records at all times to be able to advise you as to whether or not you have qualified, or what further time out of the UK may be necessary to enable so to do. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and efficiency. Our service is proven to be effective in claiming back thousands of pounds of tax for clients.


This specialised service to merchant service personnel offers a total tax-efficient service to those serving on merchant vessels. We provide reliable and affordable tax advice which also takes away the stress of dealing with your tax affairs. We ensure that you get everything back to which you are entitled to.

Self-employed Seafarer?

If you are a self-employed seafarer then normally you will not be able to claim the Seafarers Deduction. However, we now have a solution for you that will enable you to fulfill the HMRC requirements and make a claim for a tax rebate. Ask us how.

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With the introduction of self-assessment the penalties for getting it wrong or just late can be worrying. Even those who feel that it is a relatively straightforward system occasionally find themselves out of their depth when dealing with the Inland Revenue. This becomes very apparent when you have been selected for an audit by the Tax Man! It can also be impractical for you to deal with these matters whilst you are away at sea.

Are you confident that you can deal with your own tax affairs? How confident are you that you have got it exactly right?


In order to receive details of this service and get started simply complete the contact page.We will then return the necessary forms for you to complete.

Our fees for this service are currently £210.00 for twelve months.


£21012 month

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