Are you new to seafaring or looking to contract overseas? If so, you might have a lot of questions. This is normal and, just as you will find the answers to all of your overseas contracting questions eventually, you will also find many new questions to replace them with. Fortunately, when you have questions, we have answers.

     As the UK’s leading seafarer’s tax and accounting specialist, Binks Overseas understands the needs of today’s overseas seafarers and we can help ensure that your career in the seafaring industry is a successful and sustainable one.

     With that being said, we are going to take a look at some useful tips and advice that will help you along the way. Let’s get started:

4 Tips for Seafarers Looking To Contracting Overseas

Be Proactive- just as things can happen quickly at sea, opportunities in the seafaring industry can be just as quick. Be ready for anything that comes your way and have what you need at the ready. This includes paperwork at tax time and a seafarer’s tax professional that you can contact any time you have a tax or payroll question come up.

Maintain Balance- seafaring is challenging work and to be successful, you have to maintain a good work/life balance. Your social wellness, emotional wellness, physical wellness, intellectual wellness, and spiritual wellness are all just as important to your ability to do your job as the skills you learn aboard the ship. Be sure to take time for yourself and your family.

Develop And Maintain Personal Guidelines- in 2014, the Maritime Labour Convention came into force, replacing all the existing Seafarers’ rights. All seafarers have working and living rights that include employment contracts, food and medical care and accommodations. There is also a ‘human element’ section which you should know and understand so you can develop and maintain your own personal guidelines.

Utilise Technology- as with any global industry, if you are not using the latest technology, you will not be as effective or as efficient as you could be. Try to stay connected via emailing, ‘face-timing’, and ‘Facebooking’ to avoid the loneliness that seafarers often face aboard ship. You can also utilise the latest technology to contact Binks Overseas with any tax or payroll questions.

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