If you are a British worker working or contracting overseas, or you work in international waters as a seafarer, you might already know that the deadline to file Year End European Payroll Tax is 31 December. While that might still seem like quite some time from now, remember that we are already into November and the year is going by fast.

     With that being said, what does the British worker need to know about the Year End European Payroll Tax deadline? Just that, really. In fact, the deadline means less to the worker and a lot more to the business owner and their payroll staff. That is because end of the year payroll reporting is an important aspect of fulfilling a business’ tax obligations and, if done incorrectly, the business could face a wide range of fines. This is why it is so important to hire an International Payroll Service to ensure that your payroll, and your year end payroll tax reporting is done accurately and on time.

Different Procedures And Requirements Make Tax Reporting Complicated

     While payroll tax legislation does differ from country to country, at the end of the tax year, most payroll staff are dedicated to fulfilling the company’s tax obligations and ‘differentiating their business’ cash remuneration from shares, share options and other non-cash benefits in kind (BiK).’

     Around the world, the payroll tax landscape can include a wide range of very different procedures and requirements to ensure that each individual business’ tax obligations are fulfilled. Factors such as tax years starting and ending at different times as well as a range of varying compliance issues can make the year end tax reporting process even more complicated.

Hire An International Payroll Service

     Payroll isn’t just an important factor of business at the end of the year. To ensure a company’s performance, growth and sustainability, payroll must be made more efficient throughout the year. To do this effectively, many business owners hire an International Payroll Service.

     An International Payroll Service can ensure that your payroll department is able to continue delivering the level of performance that your employees expect well into the new tax year.

Contact Binks Overseas

     To learn more about International Payroll Services In Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy, France and Greece from Binks, contact Binks Overseas today and speak with a payroll specialist who can answer any questions you might have about your company’s payroll needs.

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