Norway taxationEvery person who works in Norway, even commuter workers, are required to file a personal tax return in Norway. This includes employees and self-employed workers.

The 2015 individual Tax Assessments are sent out by the tax office during March 2016 and the deadline for filing personal tax returns online is 31st May 2016.

Final assessments are issued in October. There is then a 6 week window for appeals.

Many foreign workers in Norway do not know if they have paid the correct taxes, are entitled to tax credits or are paying the correct social costs.

It is common that employers submit incorrect information especially if they are non-Norwegian companies with little experience of Norwegian payroll taxes.

They commonly submit incorrect statistics of days worked in Norway and as such tax and tax credits are incorrectly calculated.

For offshore workers, employers almost never claim the seafarers tax allowance for their employees.Seafarers are entitled to receive back up to 30% of paid income tax assuming they meet the seafarer allowance criteria.

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