Austrian payroll service

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Administering a Austrian payroll can be complicated, time-consuming and has risks in terms of time spent, compliance and unnecessarily incurred costs.

There are rules related to onshore and offshore work as well as specific rules in relation to work carried out by foreign employees. Although Austria follows EU legislation with respect to most taxation rules, there are differences that any employer should be aware of.

At Binks Overseas we provide a fully compliant, outsourced payroll service to recruitment companies and small businesses that work within Austrian territories and offshore, within the Austrian Continental Shelf.

We can administer monthly payroll, complete reporting to the Austrian tax authorities and act as agent for our clients where necessary.

In dealing with payroll taxes in Austria it is necessary to understand the employer responsibilities in relation to compliance and reporting requirements. Our all-inclusive service provides peace of mind to any employer and especially foreign employers operating in Austria.

All-inclusive Austrian payroll service:

• Monthly payroll processing
• Issuing of payslips in German (and in English as a special request)
• Monthly reporting to the Austrian tax authorities
• Annual reporting of employer and employee payroll activity
• Compilation and distribution of employee annual tax statements
• Responding to payroll-related correspondence from the Austrian tax authorities (in Austrian where necessary)

Supplemental services available:

• Registration of client company as an employer in Austria (required to pay employees)
• Assistance with registration of employees for Austrian tax numbers
• Individual Austrian tax return service for employees
• A1 applications for employees where appropriate and applicable
• Advice and guidance on tax-related subjects for both the client and employees
• Translation services from German to English

We are able to provide bespoke packages of services tailored to the needs of each client

Contact us for a consultation and to obtain a quotation.

Contractor payroll service
This payroll service is provided to individuals, recruitment companies and small businesses who wish to relinquish the responsibility of being an employer for work carried out in Austria or within Austrian territories.

In this case Binks Overseas becomes the employer and a sub-contractor to the client to provide the services of the individual contractor. This is attractive for the client as:

• The client company relinquishes employer responsibility for payroll processing and payment of taxes to the Austrian tax authority.
• The client saves administrative time and labour costs of administering a payroll in Austria.
• The client is not required to register as an employer in Austria as Binks Overseas is the employer and is registered as such.
• In some cases it is the individual contractor who pays the fees to Binks Overseas and so the client reduces further the costs of operating in Austria.

All that the client needs to provide is a sub-contract for each individual it wishes to work in Austria.

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